We’re excited to welcome you to the new Medical Staffing Solutions – a brand new site that is full of everything you came to the old site for, and more! Our brand new Caregiver Field Guide will keep you up-to-date on all things healthcare, and our job search is front and center on the homepage. Best of all it’s mobile-friendly: meaning that you’ll have the same great experience whether you’re on your computer or your phone.

You may have noticed someone following you around the site, as well. We’d like to introduce you to Purpose, our new mascot and ambassador for everything that MSS stands for: courage, compassion, strength, healing, and Putting Patients First!

We also chose Purpose as our mascot because hummingbirds have some amazing facts that parallels the characteristics of our healthcare travelers:

  • Hummingbirds travel long distances tirelessly, just like our healthcare travelers who go great distances to help the sick.
  • Despite their size, they are incredibly strong and resilient. They are agile and can respond quickly to outside influences. Sound familiar?
  • They are a sign of energy, vitality, and affection. Who doesn’t feel uplifted when they are visited by a hummingbird?
  • They are unique amongst other birds, with the capability to hover and fly backwards.

We like to think of Purpose as your guide through the new MSS, as well as your journey as a healthcare traveler.

Here’s some features of the new site you should be sure to check out:

The Caregiver’s Field Guide – A one-stop-shop for all your healthcare travel needs. Read our helpful blog posts and connect with us and others travelers on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

Job Search: Our extensive travel healthcare job database just got even easier to search. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your laptop or your phone — our job board works the same on each. Never miss out on an exciting travel opportunity by staying up to date on your job search with SMS and email alerts.

Helpful Resources – Our resources section is full of helpful links, documents, and licensing information. Everything you’ll need as a healthcare traveler is in one convenient spot.

What do you think? We set out to create an experience that would be the best for our healthcare travelers, and we’re excited to hear your feedback! Leave your comments below, or talk to us on social!