What is it like to be a healthcare traveler?

A few things come to mind – adventure, flexibility, new challenges and great pay. Imagine doing what you love in destinations that you are getting paid to live in, all while having a team supporting you 24/7. If it all sounds a little too fantastic to be true, allow us to show you how any qualified healthcare worker with the heart for adventuring can start exploring travel opportunities with Medical Staffing Solutions.

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Travel Information

How It Works

  1. Gather Information

    Complete an application and skills checklist to give us the basic information we need to get started. You aren’t under any obligation to travel — our team will sort through your information to see if your qualified to take the next step.

  2. Talk to a Recruiter

    If your application is accepted, one of our awesome recruiters will contact you to find you an assignment that will fit your personal and professional goals. This is the start of something big!

  3. Review Assignments

    Based on your discussion, your recruiter will present a number of assignments that fit your criteria. Type of work, pay, facility, and location all play into finding the best assignment for you — our recruiters know that the assignments have to be a good fit for you, not just for the client. We want you to lover your job!

  4. Interview with Your Chosen Assignment

    Prepare with your recruiter for a interview which will be with either a department manager or director at the facility of your choice. This provides you an opportunity to get a feel for your potential work environment and questions.

  5. Accept the Assignment

    If the facility chooses you for the assignment, Medical Staffing Solutions will help you with your credentialing requirements and licensing. We’ll set you up with free, quality housing and travel arrangements. You’ll also receive info on enrollment into our benefits program.

Start Your Adventure!

Most travel assignments are 13 weeks and can often be extended. Once you’ve packed your bags, Medical Staffing Solutions will pay for your transportation to and from your assignment.

Free Housing

Your housing is worked out before your assignment. Whether you are traveling with your spouse, your friends, your entire family or your pet, we believe in providing flexible options for your living situation:

  • Free, private quality housing in a furnished one-bedroom or studio apartment.
  • Private two-bedroom accommodations for a modest fee.
  • Free, shared housing in a two-bedroom, two bathroom condo or apartment.

If you choose to work out your own housing, Medical Staffing Solutions will provide a housing subsidy.

Once your assignment ends, you may have the option to extend it, return home, or move on to your next adventure! It’s all up to you, which is why we think becoming a healthcare traveler is one of the most exciting and dynamic things you can do in your career as a healthcare provider! If you have any additional questions, visit our FAQ or contact a recruiter today!


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