What’s your Stethostory?

If only that stethoscope could speak.  Hillary gives us a beautiful memoire of her first stethoscope and the life it lived by her side… “Yesterday, my stethoscope broke. It was given to me by my mother the day I was accepted into nursing school. It has traveled from coast to coast, and to the incredible Read more »

Our Top Summer Travel Nursing Destinations

Summer is finally here! Filled with endless BBQ’s, glamping (glamorous camping) trips, and swimming trips — no matter where you are, summer seems to make everything better. However, we have a few destinations that we think can take summer to the next level. Read more »

Infographic: What are Nurse-to-Patient Ratios, and why do they matter?

“Staffing Ratios Matter.” That’s the primary message from the folks at “Show Me Your Stethoscope,” the nurse advocacy group that we previously talked about right here on this blog. On May 12th, SMYS held a rally in Washington D.C.  to show their support for the National Nursing Shortage Reform and Patient Advocacy Act as well Read more »

Show Us Your Stethoscope!

Quick! Think of one of the most common tools that nurses always have on them. You probably have a few in mind, and one of them is most likely the stethoscope. A medical tool that has been around since the early 1800’s, the stethoscope is an ever-present tool in almost all healthcare settings, for nurses Read more »